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Heartstring Bugs (

Elly has just finished her first year of high school and hasn’t really accomplished anything.  Fortunately, a baby virus from another planet wanting to study humans gives her the ability to see other people’s emotions.  Will this help Elly blossom into more than what she is?

Other than the cute baby virus, this is your typical slice of life dating sim.  Elly has five potential love interests in Huang, Chase, Lucas, Dimitri and Blaze.  Huang is a socially awkward geek who gets English slang confused.  Chase is the smart arrogant jerk trying to get rid of his legions of fangirls.  Lucas is the happy go lucky prankster.  Blaze is the egocentric rock star.  Dimitri is the easygoing boy next door.  Elly can also form a friendship with Tamera, Naomi, or Alice.  Tamera is the outgoing cheerleader.  Naomi is the insecure bookworm.  Alice is the shy withdrawn girl.  She also has another love interest she can pursue that you need to discover on your own.

One factor I absolutely love about this game is that it doesn’t take itself seriously.  It’s ridiculous and the writer knows it.  The game is so funny that there were times I had to stop playing so I could control myself after laughing so hard.  I was just lucky I wasn’t drinking anything at the time.  There’s one plot that draws inspiration from Twilight and as much as I hate that series, I actually enjoyed the storyline.

The game play is very similar to Lucky Rabbit Reflex.  You can date a character to help them raise their impression of you.  Some of the ways you can do so is by entering the same club they’re in, raising your scores in charm, fashion, academics and athletics enough to get good marks and experiment with different clothes to get the style the guy you’re pursuing absolutely loves.  One aspect of this game that separates it from others is that you also have to raise your impression of the people in your life.  All you have to do is click the emoticon that best accomplishes your goal.

This game is addictive and hilarious.  I give it 10 out of 10; I consider uncontrollable laughter a strong emotional response.

Lucky Rabbit Reflex (

A new girl begins her final year at Northmain College.  Will she find friendship or love in one year?

The game takes place in England and the story depends on which club you join, which part-time job you take, and which boy you pursue or girl you hang out with the whole year.  In all reality, there’s not a whole lot to say about it.  Just that the main character reacts differently to each boy.  You can pursue Marius, Shuppin, Rhett (my personal favorite), Beck, Per, or the secret character (also my favorite, what I can only pick one?).  The friendships you can strengthen are Merle, Dys, Lufika, Lamb (my favorite), or Petime.

As I said earlier, you can pick what club to join or what part-time job you get.  Each club has a connection with a specific boy.  You can go on dates with them, buy birthday presents for them and even make a pancake for them.  You don’t have a romantic attachment to any of the girls but if you complete their friendship path without pursuing a boy, you can get an item from them.  During the week, you select an activity to do that will increase a certain stat.  Putting on makeup increases your charm, hanging out increases your social, studying increases your intelligence, going to the gym increases your athletics and resting decreases your stress.  On Saturday, you can check your mail from Facemate and read the monthly fashion column (you don’t have to follow that to the letter unless you’re dating Beck).  Each boy likes a specific style that you can shop for on that day.

You can also make dates, check your relationship status in your diary, or go out and boost your skills.  You also have mock exams and A-level ones to complete throughout the year.  How high your stats are affects how well you do.

It’s not deep and yet it’s addicting.  I give it 6 out of 10, perfect to play when you have little brainpower.

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