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Snow Queen Scene Maker (Azaleas Dolls)

Requested by onlyindreams145

Did you love the movie Frozen?  Now you can live in it in Snow Queen Scene Maker!  Create characters and dress them up in styles inspired by the popular Disney movie.

Since this is a dollmaker, I’m afraid that it doesn’t really have a plot.  However, there’s plenty of game play.  As I said, you get to create characters and dress them up however you like.  The girls come with two poses, one for ballgowns and pants and the other for catsuits and elegant dresses.  The guys only have one pose, but you can still dress them however you please.  You can even decorate them with drag and drop items.  Unfortunately, the drag and drop only works when you have them facing right.  You can use this dollmaker to create original characters or recreate existing characters.  I have used this dollmaker to create an original alien of mine, Defoli Nurmeen,

Defoli Nurmeen (Original Fiction) by suburbantimewaster

and the characters of Friends.  

Friends by suburbantimewaster

Like many dollmakers, you can’t really change the body-type and you can only change the woman’s face-type to make it pointy or not pointy.  The man only has three available face-types himself.  It’s also easier to make an ugly man in the dollmaker than it is an ugly woman.  You can also pick the background, all choices inspired by Frozen.

This game is fun and one of my go to dollmakers.  I give it 6 out of 10, fans of Frozen will love this game.

Secret Trails: Frozen Heart (

All you wanted was to visit your little sister, Emma, in Bloomingspring, a town where it’s warm and sunny all year long.  As soon as you arrived, someone’s kidnapped your sister and changed the weather to a snowy winter.  Can you save Emma and return spring to Bloomingspring?

This is your typical save the damsel in distress from the evil villain.  Again, we have a storyline where the villain is easily forgiven because he wasn’t in control of his actions and gets everything he wants.

This game is another typical hidden object game.  You go from scene to scene collecting items for your inventory.  Some will require you to take part in a hidden object scene.  You have to travel throughout the game using the items in your inventory to progress forward.  If you’re stuck, use a hint.

This game is simplistic and dull.  I give it 3 out of 10; a few points for the fantasy element.

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