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Cate West: The Velvet Keys (

Cate West is back and this time she has to stop a murderer.  Each victim has their soul incased in a device that you have to unlock by using the Velvet Keys.

The plot is quite intriguing and makes some references to the first game as well as biblical ones.  It also tries to provide a reason for hunting objects instead of just telling you that you need to get random objects.  Some parts I don’t really understand but I can’t really say what they are without giving away spoilers.

Once again, the game play is completely repetitive.  You have to hunt down certain objects in order to form a key.  Then you have to collect objects that connect to the victim’s memories.  I will say one thing, what you do there differs in each chapter.  After that, you have to play a mini-game in order to unlock the device required for each key.

Again, the higher your score the better your ending.

It’s intriguing, but also repetitive.  I give it 6 out of 10, not a bad use of biblical references but I’ve seen better.

Cate West: The Vanishing Files (

When a crime wave hits the city, a novelist with a hidden ability aids the police in finding and arresting the mastermind.  Will it be enough to stop this?

Cate West is the protagonist and she put her life on hold to stop these crimes.  She also has her own agenda regarding her father’s death.  While there is a crime wave, each one involves Christianity.  Cate has to discover the connection between this and her powers.

Like I said, she puts her life on hold and has no time to make for her friends.  You might think I’m saying this negatively but I actually think it’s realistic.

The game play is the same every chapter.  First, you search for hidden objects.  Then you discover items that you have to reassemble since every crook likes to tear them apart for some reason instead of destroying them.  After that, you have to play a spot the difference game, accuse the right suspect and put the scene back together.

It’s fun at first but after a while, it gets repetitive.  You have an unlimited number of hints but using them subtracts from your score.  The ending you get depends entirely on how high your score is.

This game is fun but repetitive.  I give it 6 out of 10, a detective story with biblical elements.

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