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Cathy’s Crafts (Gamehouse)

When Cathy’s parents go on vacation, they put her in charge of their store.  Meanwhile, her boyfriend wants her to go to New York with him.  Can Cathy find her own path in life, or will she live according to what other people expect from her?

The plot is your typical young girl wants to follow her dream job while everyone else around her is planning her life for her.  Thankfully, this only lasts for one section.  The rest of the game is about Cathy finding her way while her boyfriend, Mark, goes to Paris and tries to convince Cathy to get a job there.  I’ll admit that I have mixed feelings about him.  On the one hand, Mark does want Cathy to go for her dream and supports her for it.  On the other hand, Mark also has a tendency to be a little selfish and takes questionable actions.  For instance, Mark is the reason Cathy’s parents don’t come back to the hardware store in time because he used his hacking skills to send them to Timbuktu.  He also doesn’t really contact Cathy except to send pictures of himself in Paris.

In my opinion, Cathy is a terrible judge of character.  Let me tell you, when she gets a job at the florist shop, she fails to see that her co-worker is sabotaging her.  Let me point out that Cathy’s boss has a habit of playing favorites and it turns her co-worker, who’s been there longer than Cathy, against her.  Whenever Cathy leaves this co-worker alone with her tasks, they always end up sabotaged and, when this co-worker offers advice to Cathy, it goes against her.  Spoiler alert, instead of this being a lesson about not trusting everyone you meet, Cathy’s co-worker feels guilty and apologizes.

I should tell you that this game exists in the Delicious universe and Emily and Paige make a few cameos in the game.  The structure itself is similar to Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning where you have to pick the crafts for each level based on what customers will be shopping at your store.

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You also have a cat named Ming to take care of, who inspires many of Cathy’s designs.  Either the customers will go to the cash register to pick up crafts or they will go to a table to make their own.  When everyone’s done, you check him or her out and try to make enough money to get the first star in each level.

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Try to go for all three stars, if you feel lucky.  Between levels, you can purchase upgrades for each venue.  You can also get trophies and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to collect them all.

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This game is fun yet a tad bit cliché.  I give it 6 out of 10; only buy if you want to play every game set in the Delicious universe.

Potion Bar (

A note leads you to a mysterious place in an alley.  Now you have to make potions for all the creatures that frequent there.  Your only guide is a talking cat who not only shows you how to make the potions; he also teaches you how to travel the world through magic.

The plot is simple but fun.  Not only do you have to find the person who trapped you in the bar, you also have to stop an evil plan.  At the beginning of some levels, a character will talk to you, revealing the plot little by little.  Sometimes they even give you items you can use to further the plot.  As for what the plot is, I don’t know how to reveal it without giving away spoilers.  I can say that although it is simplistic, you can bet that it’s not boring.  The only thing I can tell you is that part of the plot is trying to find the man that led you here in the first place.

The game play is just as simplistic.  You make potions by grabbing a glass and filling it with the right one.  Then you put it on the boiler and wait for it to heat up.  You then add the proper ingredients and heat it some more.  If a customer wants a decoration, you add one and give it to the customer.  You can also purchase supplies from a visiting merchant to help you complete your goal, such as a self-boiling glass.  Collect enough silver to reach the minimum goal.  You can go for expert if you’re up to it.  In every stage of the game, you participate in a hidden object mode in order to create a new potion after you’ve completed three levels.  When you’re finished with one stage, you put the items in the correct slots on the door to move on to the next one.

This game is simple and addictive.  I give it 7 out of 10; a time management game with a mystical twist.

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