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Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate (

King Midas’s daughter Zoe has undergone rapid aging and it’s up to Samantha Swift to find the Fountain of Youth.  Unfortunately, M’Alice Pei seeks the same item for Markus Payne.  Can Samantha save Zoe and put a stop to Payne’s evil plan?

Just like the last three games, the plot isn’t that deep.  There’s no character development regarding how Zoe feels about being in a strange land where everyone she knows and loves is dead.  Not to mention that she was freed in the second game and they wait until the fourth game to do anything about her.  It’s like they just remembered this plot development when they were looking to continue the series.

The game play is the same as in the last two games, collect a list of items, find two birds in each scene and collect hints in the form of lightning bolts.  Some items you have to collect using other objects you find while some can be collected when you brush other objects out of the way.

This game is simplistic yet addictive.  I give it 6 out of 10; an intriguing idea but not as well thought out as it could have been

Hospital Hustle (

Sarah just received her nursing credentials.  Unfortunately, no one wants to hire a new applicant.  That is, until a failing hospital wants her help bringing patients to them.

There’s not much of a plot but the game play makes up for it.  You take patients to the registry and then take them to the station they request.  If you don’t have what they need, then use the ambulance to get rid of them. 

Between levels, you can purchase new stations, decorations and spend more on coffee, salaries and various other things to keep the hospital in perfect shape. 

You can’t advance through the game without obtaining the minimum goal but try for expert if you feel lucky.

This game is simple yet addictive.  I give it 4 out of 10; a good way to kill time.

Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix (

After defeating her evil twin sister Pandora, Empress Anna must go on a quest to free her people.  Along the way, a mysterious two-headed being comes to her aid.  Can Anna trust this person or will it lead her astray?

First off, I have to say that Anna doesn’t seem like an empress.  She does whatever people tell her and then has to be told by someone else whether she’s being deceived.  While I don’t think Pandora would make a better empress, I do have to admit that she has a point about Anna’s weak-willed behavior.  Another problem I have with the plot is that the ending just seemed too contrived.

The game play is the same as the last two with the exception that you can choose right at the beginning whether you want handholding help or not.  You go through different locations collecting objects and solving puzzles. 

If you’re stuck, you can use a hint.  At the end of the game, you can play Zem to unlock various extras.

This game is addictive and intriguing.  I give it 6 out of 10; not a bad end to the series.

Gardenscapes 2 (

When Austin returns to his childhood home, he discovers that his parents’ garden is in a terrible state.  Can you help Austin’s family restore their garden to its former glory?

This is like the last two games except in this one you discover what life your butler had before he met you.  You can also interact with his parents and find photos of Austin’s life.

The game play is the same as the last two.  You sell random crap from your house in order to purchase items for your garden. 

Sometimes you receive letters and phone calls.

This game is addictive and slightly amusing.  I give it 5 out of 10; not the best game and not the worst.

Turbo Fiesta (

Rebecca and Robert are back with their latest franchise idea, a Mexican place in space.  Do they have what it takes to succeed for the third time?

All right, what is with franchise owners in these types of games?  Every time their business is successful, they start a completely new one.  Seems like they can’t be happy until they’ve conquered every type of business known to mankind.  Sometimes I think these characters are actually planning to take over the world or, in Rebecca’s case, the universe.  Well, I guess it’s better than the business women in chick flicks who won’t be happy until they get a husband.

Not much of a plot except for a few funny scenes between Rebecca and Robert.  The game play is the same as the last two with a few exceptions, such as replacing the main dish once again.  Oh, and remember those annoying thieves from the last game?  Now you can actually take care of them before they steal your money.  Try to achieve the minimum goal in each level in order to advance throughout the game.  Go for expert if you feel lucky.

This game is addictive and amusing.  I give it 7 out of 10; not a bad waste of your time.

Turbo Subs (

After having a successful pizza parlor, Rebecca wants to open a sub shop in an abandoned train station with Robert’s help.  Can this one be even more successful than their last franchise?

Again, not really much of a plot except for a few funny scenes between Rebecca and Robert.  The game play is the same as the last one except now you have to worry about thieves stealing cash before you grab it from the table.  In addition, sub sandwiches replace the pizza as the main dish.  You can’t advance through the game until you meet the minimum goal, but try for expert if you feel lucky.

This game is addictive and amusing.  I give it 6 out of 10; like the last game, not a bad waste of your time.

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