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Zodiac Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer Beta Test

A young ghostly girl appears in your home.  Her message, save a world you didn’t even know existed as the serpent bearer.  Can you do what she asks before the dark force swallows the mysterious kingdom?

The story does have that mystical fantasy approach that I usually love.  It also has some mystery.  At the end, it leaves you hanging.

The game play is your basic point and click.  You find objects, add them to your inventory, and use them in certain locations.  You will have to backtrack quite a bit but you have a map to help you.  The further you progress, the more the protagonist writes in her journal.  You have an unlimited number of hints you can use if you’re stuck.

The plot’s a little cliché and the game play’s somewhat boring.  I have no interest in getting the full game.

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