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I play video games and review them.

My first collaborative review.

Michael Dulson

For my 300th post, I have 3 reviewers with me on this one. Me, Nerd Atlas ( ) & TimeWaster ( ) all played a free to play browser game, Realm of the Mad God and even though it is free, do you really need to play it? Read our reviews to find out!

NERD ATLAS – This MMORPGS (S for shooter) is a browser based game where you enter a world thrown into chaos by the Mad God.

You are forced to start out as a wizard, and slowly unlock the other 12 available classes by leveling up & surviving (the level cap is 20). Each class gets it’s own weapon load out and skill bonuses, it’s a shame it takes so long to get to some of the more interesting ones like Assassin.

As far as actual gameplay goes, it’s fairly streamlined and simple. You enter…

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