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Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe (

A simple mission to collect flora samples from the planet Apriol turns deadly when a storm hits. To make a bad situation worse, Steve succumbs to injuries and needs to get back to Earth for medical attention. Can Elizabeth pilot the ship to Earth in time?

You would think this game takes place in space but it doesn’t. It takes place on a steam punk planet that Elizabeth has to save. First, she has to land the ship on a nearby planet and find a way into the castle. Then she has to use primitive medicine to save the planet’s princess. Finally, she journeys to the forgotten place of the planet in order to discover its steam punk origins.

The game play is that of your typical hidden object. You go from scene to scene collecting items for your inventory. You will have to backtrack but the map can instantly take you where you need to go. If you’re stuck, use a hint.

This game is addictive but misleading. I give it 6 out of 10; they should have picked a different name.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3: In Harm’s Way (Steam Store)

After being kidnapped by a ruthless man named Bill Carver, Clementine and the rest of the group try to escape from their prison. Can they find new allies and flee this place without incurring Carver’s wrath?

I loved this chapter and the inclusion of the characters. Carver was actually my favorite in this one as he justifies his actions. True, he is a tyrant, but he believes that he’s doing what’s best for the group. I’m not saying that I agree with him but I do see his point. This is a zombie apocalypse and you do have to be ruthless to survive. However, pure ruthlessness is not going to save the day. I also love Carver’s interactions with Clementine as he compares her to himself. An amateur writer could have easily turned Carver into a pedophile. Instead, Carver admires Clementine’s strength and will to survive. She is what Carver wants the next generation to be and what he wants his supposed child to be. I don’t like how the characters from 400 days were demoted to cameo appearances with the exception of Bonnie. I do like Bonnie’s portrayal as she starts out weak and slowly gathers her strength.

The game play is the same as any other chapter. You make dialogue choices for Clementine, only what you pick doesn’t affect the story as much. You explore the area at certain times as well. You can also take part in quick action scenes where you have to press the right button at the right time. Failure to do so will kill Clementine.

This game is addictive but a little rushed. I give it 7 out of 10; they really need to focus on their characters a little more.

Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets (

Gaby was just a little known celebrity blogger until an anonymous source texts her tips on finding the biggest Hollywood scoop. Can she make her blog popular enough to win the competition and interview Erik Von Hunk?

That’s right; I’m reviewing a video game about a blog on my blog. The storyline is about the lives of celebrities and some of them are parodies of real life ones. The lives they lead go from marriages to plastic surgery and all the way to sleazy affairs. I know, it’s not very deep but it is fun.

The game play is a unique take on the hidden object genre. The game separates each level into a blog post. You collect people and some of them will give you information. After you’ve gathered everyone you need, you get to complete a mini-game and read the post Gabby makes at the end. During the game, you can collect items in order for you to purchase different designs for the blog.

This game is simplistic yet addictive. I give it 8 out of 10; a fun take on celebrity life.

Digimon (

From the makers of Tamagotchi comes the Digital Monster itself, Digimon. This creature traveled all the way from the Megalithic Mainframe for you to train it. Maybe you’ll be able to get the ultimate Digimon. Maybe you’ll be your Digimon’s downfall.

That’s right; the popular anime started out as little more than a virtual toy. When Tamagotchi started out, it wasn’t doing very well with boys. Therefore, Bandai created Digimon to make money off both genders. Like the Tamagotchi, you raise the Digimon into adulthood. Unlike the Tamagotchi, you can train the Digimon for battle. When your Digimon reaches rookie form, you can hook it up to other devices for a battle. If your Digimon wins enough times, you can unlock its ultimate form.

I find this toy very addictive. I give it 7 out of 10; a huge blast from my past.

Dark Realm: Queen of the Flame Beta Test

When mystical creatures invade town, only a blacksmith’s daughter manages to escape. It’s up to her to find a way to drive these creatures out once and for all.

That’s right, I got another beta test emailed to me. I can’t really say very much about the plot. I will say that, from what I’ve seen, I’m very intrigued. I’m wondering what’s going to happen to the main character and how this will all be set right.
The game play is that of your typical hidden object. You go from scene to scene collecting items for your inventory. You can use these items to advance throughout the game. If you’re lost, use the map to find out where you should go. The hidden object scenes play out like the ones in Cadenza where you collect the item behind the listed object. If you’re stuck, use a hint.

Both the storyline and the game play are intriguing. I’m definitely buying this game when it comes out.

Tamagotchi Angel L.I.F.E. (iPhone App Store)

Following the 3 millionth download of the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app, Bandai Co., Ltd. and Sync Beatz Entertainment present the upcoming Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Angel app, an updated recreation of the original Tamagotchi Angel digital handheld game. </p> <p>

Tamagotchi’s back and this time it’s an angel. Maybe you’ll raise this Tamagotchi to perfection. Maybe you’ll be the death of it.

That’s right; the iPhone released another version of the Tamagotchi. Just like the original, you feed it, play with it, clean its poop and turn off the light when it sleeps. Only differences are that you can feed it candy to increase its angel powers and, if you catch it praying, ring the bell to add to its deed meter. Unfortunately, the iPhone won’t alert you when that happens, so you might never catch your Tamagotchi praying.

This is the same concept as the original Tamagotchi. I give it 6 out of 10; like the original, you grow to care for this guy.

Witch’s Pranks (

When an ugly witch wants a handsome prince, she puts a curse on each one that rejects her, turning them into frogs. The only way to break the curse is a kiss from their fiancé. Fortunately, a traveler wanders across the witch’s castle and vows to return each prince to their one true love.

This is your typical parody fairy tale with every cliché you can imagine. The moral of this story seems to be ugly men can get whatever woman they want while ugly women have to settle for whoever will have them. Sadly, that’s a common double standard in this day and age. If you think I’m being unfair, take a look at what some the princes look like when they’re human and see that each one of them gets a beautiful princess, you’ll see what I mean. One thing I like about Once Upon A Time is that the characters would reject suitors that were attractive for the sole reason that this person wasn’t the love of their life.

The game play is your typical hidden object. You go from scene to scene collecting items for your inventory. You need to use these items to advance throughout the game and you will have to do some backtracking. If you’re stuck, use a hint.

This game is entertaining but the double standards are grating. I give it 5 out of 10; a fun take on fairy tales.

Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. (iPhone App Store)

The beloved digital pet from the 90s is back and it’s on your phone. Take care of the little alien and make sure to keep it alive.

Even if you didn’t have a tamagotchi in the 90s, you probably had an equivalent. When I was a kid, I had two giga pets, a cat and a T-Rex. They never lived very long because I had to go to school and I couldn’t take the toys with me. There’s really not much of a plot to these things except an alien came to earth and you have to raise it. However, I will say one thing. While Tamagotchi’s popularity skyrocketed in Japan, it fell out of favor in the U.S. I don’t know if they brought these things to the iPhone to bring back its popularity or to give nostalgic adults like me a taste of their childhood.

The game play is the same as it was on the toy. You press the correct button to meet your Tamagotchi’s needs. If you don’t tend to the creature, it will die. You can pick which Tamagotchi you want between Generation 1 and Generation 2. As you play, you can unlock various wallpaper and shell designs. You also have two choices to play the app. You can play it as an actual app, by pressing the correct icon, or, if you’re feeling really nostalgic, play it in shell mode. In other words, tap the left button until you get to the icon you want and tap the confirm button to select it.

This game is not deep yet addictive. I give it 6 out of 10; you get attached to the Tamagotchi after a while.

Separatist Raid (The First Galactic Republic RP Event on Star Wars the Old Republic)

Instead of a review, I’m going to post an RP recap that The First Galactic Republic had a while back.  I know I said that I would only post reviews on my blog but Kayllan (The Guild Master) asked me to recap RP events on my blog as well.  Since my guild has been in trouble due to a mass defection that I can’t really talk about, I decided to agree to it.  RP events will be told from the point of view of the character I attended the event with.  This one will be from the point of view of my Trooper character, Ijeenesh.

This is Specialist Ijeenesh recapping raid on Separatist base led by Jedi Master Kayllan. Our mission was to destroy the main base of the Separatists. To do that, we first had to destroy their relay towers and jammers.


It was a long trek but we managed to destroy their defenses, running into opposition from Separatist forces along the way. We arrived at Fort Garnik and continued trekking to our primary target, the beach, using the troopers for offense and the smugglers for defense.


More Separatist forces tried to stop us but we, once again, emerged victorious. Once we made it to the main base, we encountered more opposition by Separatist forces. During the chaos, Colonel Therisia tried to hack into the Separatist main base. She proved unsuccessful so the Cartel Corp Smuggler Foreman, Xerxesian, had to accomplish the task and succeeded.


During the mission, E-Liza was on the holocom about her mission to spy on Dromund Kaas (headquarters of the Sith Empire). According to her, the Sith want to take over Tython (the location of the main Jedi Temple) and use it as their own training facility. What will be done about this remains to be seen. Overall, the mission was a success and promotions followed.

When your roommate leaves you alone at a singles bar, it’s your opportunity to break out of your shell. Are you capable of handling a player lifestyle?

From the above paragraph, you’d think that you play as a guy stringing girls along when you actually get to pick your gender and string the opposite sex along. The plot is the same no matter what gender you pick. You get two phone numbers, you pick a person you want to live with and another you want to keep on the side while your ex blackmails you. I’ve played dating sims where you can pursue the same character no matter what gender you pick but there was one thing they did differently. While some of the dialogue was the same, the game changed key plot points in order for the path to better suit the character. For example, when romancing Isabella as Max in Roommates, you are the pursuer. When you romance Isabella as Anne, you are the one being pursued. It fits, not because of gender stereotyping, but because Max is a rebellious rock star wannabe while Anne is a shy bookworm trying to break out of her shell. I will say this, the makers of this game have no double standards. Why else would the plot play out exactly the same no matter what gender you choose to be?

The game play is just you making dialogue choices to the characters that talk to you. If you make the right ones, their affection goes up and you can go to the next scene. Make the wrong ones, and you have a game over. There are some extras in the game such as quizzes or a love test but you can look those up on the internet.

This game is a little entertaining but incredibly repetitive. I give it 4 out of 10; nothing more than an escapist fantasy.

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